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Technology moves are hard to do

Show Notes:

Guest Background

  • Today’s Guest is Will Flint LinkedIn Profile
  • Will has 25 years in IT
  • Interested in things with electricity pulsing through them at 8 or 9 yrs old
  • Built first computer at 11 yrs old
  • Started own business for a time as well
  • Consulting was crazy but, so is normal office business

The Move

  • Growing company took over an old EDS building. Technology moves were needed.
  • 250 people company. Gross was in 10s of millions a year
  • Had an existing open office concept space in EDS building
  • First word came from the boss we were going to have to move everyone ourselves
  • We knew we had a job in front of us
  • “For any move, you have to plan everything” – Will Flint
  • Second word from the boss is we would have to do it in 36 hrs
    • Found that out a day or 2 before the move
  • We had a very small team of 4 people for this move
  • My immediate manager was our team lead
    • Manager stated, “we’re going to make this happen and I’ll be right there with you guys”

My manager and I were in a van and…what happened was mortifying

  • Manager was doing cable management for part of the technology moves
  • “With every good plan there is always the caveats” – Will Flint
  • Had all other teams in on the weekend to test through systems
  • First 2 major issues came up fast. Mind you, everything worked before the move
    • Authentication was not working in one half of the building
    • Those Windows systems which could logon would crash almost immediately

What’s going on? What’s happening? How do we fix this?

  • Researching issues back then was tougher – Had to use 3 different sites to compose a custom patch without being able to verify any of the info was completely correct
  • Had to create our own patch for these issues…mostly around the crashing problem
  • The authentication piece was due to the new network being more secure
  • Had to basically learn AD in 36 hrs
  • This whole project did jump start Will to do more in the environment with management of the PCs and AD
  • Most mission critical thing was to be able to logon and we couldn’t do that initially
  • By 6-7pm on Sunday, we had a legitimate fix created and working
  • Of course, the president came in 2 days later with his laptop and it didn’t work because it didn’t have the fix applied

“…with enough effort and determination, you can accomplish anything” – Will Flint

  • Manager pushed for recognition. Stated this small team was worth it and then some for these technology moves
  • Everything was a 10 alarm fire in this business many times
  • At the end, Will managed 25 different applications, the network, the DMARC, mobile and other odds and ends
  • It was not a 9-5 job. It was however a good learning experience
  • Saw everyone be at their best

IT Speak this episode:

  • POE – Power over Ethernet – Basically, you power your hardware over a network wire instead of a normal power cord
  • AD – Active Directory – Windows directory service which holds all user accounts, groupings, and computer and server accounts
  • DMARC – Abbreviation for demarcation point in networking parlance. Also termed as the MPOE (Minimum/Main Point of Entry) – basically, it’s the point in the building where all the telecommunications wiring enters from the outside. Where your telco providers connect to your building

Host Quotes:

  • “When you are in IT, you are always learning” – Tony V
  • “Curveballs come at you no matter what you do” – Tony V
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