by | Feb 3, 2019

Hello all! Thank you for visiting my first blog post!

 I’ve been getting a few questions lately and thought answering in a blog post may help. What kind of questions have I been getting? Welllll…

 What happened to the podcast?

  • Why haven’t you uploaded a new episode recently?
  • Are you ok?

All legit questions to be sure as I haven’t posted a new episode in a while now. First off, the podcast is still alive, or rather I am, and I do plan to continue the podcast as soon as I am able. As for the what happened and why, that get’s a little into the personal space. But, let me share what I can…

 There was an auto accident in December. Everyone is fine and in good health after a few days of monitoring. I wasn’t even in the car, but it resulted in our vehicle being totaled and rattled my dear Anne. Again, not to worry as totalled in the eyes of your insurance looks a lot different than the kind of thing you can envision in your head. Car looked pretty decent, but when airbags deploy, that get’s expensive and insurance companies tend to want to total the car. Biggest thing was making sure Anne was ok as she was very rattled and she is doing much better now and back behind the wheel again. So, that took a lot of time away from me as we had to scramble for a new vehicle, work through some emotions, and deal with insurance issues during the holidays.

 After that event, I got sick. Sick enough where my voice sounded like I was gargling gravel. That lasted a couple weeks (not the voice like gravel but, having a bad chest/sinus infection) so, that was fun. But, just before that I had some odd stomach issues and my throat was starting to bug me.

 After I got through whatever bug I picked up, my voice and stomach were still bothering me. Enough where by the end of the day for day job, it hurt a little to speak. So, off to the doctor’s I went. Come to find out, seems an old sparing partner of mind has returned. GERD! I was diagnosed with it nearly 20 years back and have kept it in check with certain diet restrictions and not eating late at night. But, it seems age is starting to catch up with me and it’s returned a bit worse than before.

 I’m on meds to help with it and I’m scheduled for a endoscopy down the throat later this month to see what kind of damage I’m looking at. I think I caught it pretty quick, but it can lurk for a while and you don’t think it’s anything much other than a scratchy throat every once in a while. So, stay tuned there.

 To say this has all been frustrating is an understatement. I was getting into a bit of a groove with the podcast and had some plans that depend on my voice. I have a few episodes sitting in my hopper I can’t doing anything with right now because I can’t add my intros and outros. So, here we are. Seemed like as good a time as any to give this blog thing I mentioned in Episode #13 a try.

 For now, I’m doing what I’m supposed to do for my health. Although it stinks not being able to eat even mildly spicy foods and avoiding others all together, it’s for a better long term goal of getting healthier. The podcast will return and I will get through this challenge.

 Thanks for reading and listening. More to come soon. Take care all!


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