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The End of the Tby3Podcast

  The End So, what happened? If you check out my blog post from last year (and it was a while ago) I ran into some health problems. Even now, these still dog me and I can't seem to shake them yet. This made it so I couldn't put out a voice recording at the...

Episode 17

IT EntrepreneurshipCEO of Mind Katalyst, Carnellia Ajasin, talks about the road to IT entrepreneurship and what she misses about the IT trenches. Find out how Mind Katalyst helps its customers in the emerging technology field...

Episode 16

Hybrid PMO and the move to the cloudEnter KaityKaity has been in IT for nearly 10 years. She started out in the ITLP program in GE Digital and is now working at FactSet. She has a Master’s of Science from Information...

Talking with the IT people who do the work!

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